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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?

The best way to book tickets or a party is online. For safety reasons we have a park capacity and our booking software monitors and controls all that. It will allow you to easily find an available time.

If you have booked a party, you should receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. And a reminder and a guest check-in sheet a couple of days before your event. If you booked individual tickets, you will receive copies of the tickets via email.

The next step is to make sure that everyone coming to jump fills out an electronic waiver. This can be done by going to BoomersForm.com.

On the day of your jump, For parties you just have to check in. With individual jump tickets, please bring in either a paper copy of the tickets or just the email on your smart-phone or tablet etc. All the jumpers will then be given a color-coded wristband. While you wait for your jump time you can watch the others jump from our upper lounge. When it's your time to jump you can then enter the jumping area. Every 15 minutes we will announce the end of a jump time for a certain color wrist-band.

Once your jump time is over, please leave the jumping surface. If you have a party room as a part of a party package, you and your guest can head on up to your party room upstairs. For those of you who have booked individual jump tickets, feel free to visit our food court and then relax and cool down in our upper lounge.

What should I wear to Boomers Air Park?

Dress Comfortably! Its a lot harder than it looks. You're going to want to jump in a t-shirt and shorts or sweat-pants. Jeans etc are not the best to jump in. We don't have change rooms or lockers rooms, but our washrooms are quite spacious and the stalls allow you room to change.

We do have lockers you can use, but we do not supply locks. Our facility has many security cameras so everything is quite safe. If you'd like, we also have small storage lockers behind the counter for things like keys, wallets, cell phones etc.

When do I pay for my party or tickets?

In order to reserve and ensure the time you want, parties and tickets must be paid for in advance at time of ordering.

What's the best way to find and book a jump time?

The best and fastest way to book a jump time is via our on-line store.

I tried to book a jump time, but the time I wanted didn't show up on the store. Why is that?

For safety reasons, the park has a capacity limit which is controlled by our computerized booking system. If the time you wanted didn't show up on the screen, that means that we're full at that time. Try another day or time or maybe a shorter jump.

What food is available at Boomers?

Boomers food court has a wide variety of food available such as popcorn, Menchies frozen yogurt, nachos and cheese/salsa, ice cream treats, chips etc. We also bring in pizza from Western Pizza for parties or to sell by the slice. For drinks we have a wide variety of drinks from juice boxes and pop to ice caps and slurpees and hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocholate

Do we jump in socks or bare feet?

Due to health and safety regulations, all jumpers are required to wear grip-socks.

If my children are jumping, do I have to buy a ticket?

If your children are able to jump by themselves you do not have to buy a ticket. We have a raised lounge area that you can watch them from or take pictures from. But, if you have to go out on the jumping surfaces with them, you will need to purchase a ticket in that the capacity in the jumping are is controlled for safety reasons.

How young is too young and how old is too old to jump?

There really aren't age restrictions. For the smaller children we have a dedicated Toddler Zone if they find the park a little too busy for them. We also offer Toddler Time during certai n weekdays where the entire park is dedicated to pre-school children only. And, as long as you can walk, you can enjoy the sensation and health benefits of flying on a trampoline. And yes, we are planning on offering jump times for grown-ups ONLY; so the big kid in all of us can enjoy the park, without embarrasing our children.

Is there a place for parents to watch?

Yes. Our upper lounge area allows for a view of all areas of the park. So grab a beveridge from our food court and enjoy the action, or relax and watch the game on our big-screen TVs

What can I bring to a Birthday party?

If you would like to bring food to a Birthday Party, you must have a package that includes one of our private rooms. If you want pizza for your party, you can either order though us when you book your party, or bring your own. There is a Western Pizza, 2-for-1 Pizza and a Boston Pizza all within blocks of us.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the high demand for jumping spots, we require 72 hours notice prior to your event to issue a full refund or to re-schedule.

How do I get to Boomers Air Park?

If you check out our CONTACT page there is a map as well as directions to Boomers